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Make a financial contribution to DLI!

Would you or your organisation like to contribute to educating and empowering girls and women to become digital leaders in Europe and beyond?  You can do so by:

  1. Becoming a member of the Digital Leadership Institute
  2. Providing in-kind donations to DLI
  3. Sponsoring one or more DLI initiatives

Please read below for details, and do not hesitate to contact us for more information!


Membership in the Digital Leadership Institute affords the following advantages:

  1. Promotional consideration on DLI websites & digital communities 
  1. Promotional consideration on DLI social media
  2. Promotional consideration at DLI HQ and community spaces
  3. Voting right at the DLI Annual General Assembly in order to have a say regarding:
  • Priority areas for DLI activity
  • DLI organisational development, including board membership
  • Other DLI strategic decisions

Membership in the Digital Leadership Institute may take the following forms (please click to be directed to the Membership payment screen):

In-kind Contributions:

To provide world-class digital and leadership skills to girls and women, particularly in under-served communities, the DLI digital innovation centre in Brussels is constantly in need of infrastructure, in the form of (refurbished) hardware, software, peripherals, office equipment, etc.  At the moment, we are in search of the following:

  • laptops & peripherals
  • overhead projector(s)
  • printer/scanner/copier(s)

If you would like to make an in-kind donation to DLI, please contact us!

Donations & Sponsorship:

All DLI initiatives are eligible for sponsorship.  For example, you may:
=> Sponsor 10 girls for Digital Muse After School membership for one year : 2950 euros per year (295 per girl)
=> Sponsor 10 women for inQube membership for one year:  2950 euros per year (295 per woman)

Please contact us for further information about membership, donations and sponsorship opportunities for DLI and its activities, and thank you for your support!