Upcoming Activities

The Digital Leadership Institute Executive Team is actively involved in outreach activities with partners and stakeholders around the world that promote ESTEAM* leadership by girls and women. Find out about upcoming = activities below, and please visit our calendar to learn about events organised by DLI.

*Entrepreneurship and Art powered by Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

21 January 2019 – “Europe for Her” Conference with European Committee of the Regions (Brussels)
On 21 January in Brussels, Ms. Katja Legisa, DLI/Digital Brusselles Director, will join a panel on “Education and Careers,” as part of an event promoting a larger role for girls and women in Europe’s cities and regions, hosted by the European Committee of the Regions (CoR).

24 January 2019 – #SheDIDIT Learning Library: “Experts Speaking Out”  (Brussels) : On 24 January at Start IT Brussels, Ms. Che Van Dyck, DLI Founding Director, will join two other women role models for a #SheDIDIT mentorship gathering to promote entrepreneurship by women of all backgrounds in Belgium. 

29 January 2019 –  GSMA Winter Celebration (Brussels) :  On 29 January in Brussels, Ms. Che Van Dyck, DLI Founding Director, will join a gathering to celebrate leadership by women in digital sectors hosted at GMSA in Brussels, with an opening keynote by Ms. Mariya Gabriel, EU Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society.

30 January 2019 – Google & WEP Luncheon at the European Parliament (Brussels) : At the European Parliament in Brussels on 30 January, Ms. Che Van Dyck, DLI Founding Director, will moderate a luncheon discussion promoting entrepreneurship by and digital skills for women, hosted by Google and the Women’s Entrepreneurship Platform.

3-5 February 2019 – W20 Japan  Preparation Meetings at OECD (Paris) : 3-5 February at the OECD in Paris, members of the DLI Executive Team will contribute to preparation activities ahead of the W20 Japan 2019 meetings taking place in Tokyo 23-24 March 2019.

25-28 February 2019 – Mobile World Congress & Women4Tech Summit (Barcelona) :  Ms. Che Van Dyck, DLI Founding Director, will join the Ministerial Programme and Women4Tech Summit taking place 25-28 February in Barcelona as part of Mobile World Congress 2019.

8 March 2019 – European Commission “Spotlight on Women in Cyber” (Brussels) : On 8 March in Brussels, Ms. Loredana Bucseneanu and Ms. Liliana Carrillo of the DLI Executive Team, will contribute to a day-long event at the European Commission showcasing “Women in Cyber” in celebration of International Women’s Day 2019. The event, which is part of the Women in Digital program supported by Commissioner Gabriel, will be live-streamed here.

22-24 March 2019 – W20 Japan Meetings & 5thWAW!/W20 (Tokyo) : On 22 March, Ms. Che Van Dyck, DLI Founding Director, will join the European Delegation to the 2019 W20 Japan meetings taking place in Tokyo, to draft a communiqué to the G20 addressing digital, financial and workforce inclusion for women. Che will also join the 23-24 March fifth annual World Assembly for Women (WAW!) event hosted by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

10 May 2019 – Women in ICT Sharing Experiences (Brussels) : On 10 May, Ms. Katja Legisa, DLI inQube Director, will join the eighth edition of the Women in ICT Sharing Experiences Annual Networking event organised by the Centre for Balanced Leadership in Brussels.

7 June 2019 – Academy: “New Technology – Friend or Foe” by Artemis Brussel (Brussels) : On 7 June, Ms. Che Van Dyck, DLI Founding Director, will join a top all-women panel on “New Technology – Friend or Foe,” organised by Artemis Brussel, an agency of Markant, the Flemish women entrepreneurs association.

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