DLI Update – Winter 2020

The DLI Board are actively involved in outreach activities with partners and stakeholders around the world that promote ESTEAM* leadership by girls and women. Find out more about our outreach activities in Winter 2020-21 below, including the WEgate Summit on women’s enterpreneurship at which our Director contributed to a Call to Action on tech entrepreneurship by women. For upcoming activities by DLI and its partners please visit here, and have a look at our calendar for events organised by DLI.

*STEM powered by Entrepreneurship and Arts

3 November – WEgate Community Council Meeting (Online): On 3 November, the WEgate project launched its Community Council with participation by Che Miller Van Dÿck, DLI Founding Director, as a member of the advisory organization supporting implementation of the WEgate project promoting women-led entrepreneurship in Europe.

30 November – WEP Board of Directors Meeting (Online): DLI Founding Director, Che Miller Van Dÿck, joined the quarterly Board of Directors meeting of the Women Entrepreneurship Platform, taking place on 30 November online.

3 December – MIF+ Project Meeting (Online): On 3 December, Katja Legisa, DLI Entrepreneurship Director, joined a project meeting for MoveItForwardPlus (MIF+), an EU ERASMUS+ project promoting uptake of digital and entrepreneurship skills among women, of which DLI is a member.

10 December – WEgate Summit (Online): On 10 December, the WEgate project organised its first summit on “A New Vision for Women Entrepreneurs in Europe,” with support from Loredana Bucseneanu, DLI Development Director. Che Miller Van Dÿck, DLI Founding Director, also will contribute to a “Call for Action” series on topics of EU policy, financial inclusion, and digital transformation priorities for women in entrepreneurship.

10 December R&I PEERS Project Meeting (Online): On 10 December, Katja Legisa, DLI Entrepreneurship Director, joined a project meeting of R&I PEERS, an EU Horizon 2020 project promoting “pilot experiences for improving gender equality in research organisations,” of which DLI is a member.

21 December – WEP Board Meeting and General Assembly (Online): On 21 December, Che Miller Van Dÿck, DLI Founding Director, joined the annual General Assembly and a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Women Entrepreneurship Platform taking place online.

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